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So I listened to the new WTNV episode


So I listened to the new WTNV episode


maureen + michelle = cool friends who hate everything together

I actually have to comment on this not to stop people from headcanoning Maureen & Michelle being friends, but because there seems to be a view of Maureen that I fundamentally disagree with. People tend to characterize her as a grumpy teenager, but her frustration is a genuine practical frustration. I mean she calls out how all the interns die and the ridiculous things Cecil has her do. That’s not hating for the sake of hating.

Plus Michelle’s hipstery ways stem from Michelle’s unhappiness and self loathing.

A friendship between Maureen & Michelle coming from hate doesn’t make much sense on Maureen’s part because she doesn’t hate for the sake of hating and wouldn’t do Michelle much good. I hope if they do become friends it isn’t based on that.

Anonymous asked:
I have a head cannon that Cecil wears roller blades everywhere. Like, he has special dress roller blades, and stuff. Different color rollerblades for different outfits. Fancy roller blades for dates. Some galaxy print roller blades he bought to impress Carlos. Just... Roller blade Cecil.



and then Cecil finds out that Carlos doesn’t know how to roller blade and decides to teach him.


Steve met Cecil at the wedding. Do you realize how sad it this?

This means, that Cecil’s sister never introduced them.

Cecil was probably virtually alone before getting together with Carlos.

This is actually suspicious as fuck considering the last we heard about Cecil’s sister she was out of town.

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All the hipster Michelle’s people are drawing look the exact opposite that I image hipsters to look like.

Ultimately I think Night Vale really needs people like Steve who are unafraid of stating the truth because nothing will ever change if people are too scared to do anything.

And while some people (nikittypaprika mostly) pointed out Steve falls on the knowledge side of the knowledge/understand divide, I’m not so sure this is an entire accurate assessment. It depends entirely on Steve’s goals which aren’t that impressive on the surface:

How can I understand, and not try to explain? How can I see the dotted lines so bright and tangible, and deny them?

I have to try, even if it means that everyone – even my wife, or even Janice – grows to hate me. The truth is more important than all that. It has to be.

Or else, why would it shine so clear above?

His goal seems to be the truth without any accompanying aims or consideration for others.

Except in Night Vale telling the truth is a simple rebellion in itself.

It doesn’t matter much if you understand the world if you’re not putting that understanding to use. Which is why if Steve’s goal is rebellion in telling the truth, then he does understand to a degree. Quite frankly it doesn’t come off that way in most of Steve’s monologue:

Listen, I love my wife, and she loves her brother. And we both love our daughter, and my…brother-in-law? Half-brother? Double-brother? Hmm…Well, he loves his niece. So that counts for a lot. That counts for most of it. I don’t hate him the way he hates me. How could I? I understand him. He hates me because he doesn’t understand me at all. Cannot see the dotted lines. He cannot see the arrows.

If it weren’t for his last two lines, I would say Steve understands. More often than not understanding someone makes it harder to hate someone. And Steve certainly doesn’t hate Cecil. Previously we’ve seen the hate come from Cecil’s side. Yet it doesn’t seem that the hate comes from Cecil not understanding Steve, but him reacting to Steve. 

If anything Cecil understands better than Steve that telling the truth is an act of rebellion, as he has repeatedly demonstrated throughout the Strex arc.

But like I said this doesn’t matter much if the understanding isn’t put to use. Which is why Steve is to Cecil as Tamika is to Dana.

Both Steve and Tamika act where Cecil and Dana worry. That isn’t to say both Cecil and Dana’s talents aren’t needed. A society can’t function without disregard for life or caution, but sometimes that caution needs to be thrown out when there’s already a huge disregard for life anyway.

And while an approach toward Night Vale’s oppression would probably go smoother with Dana and Cecil’s help (Cecil to steer public opinion and Dana to implement a better government), it doesn’t need to be Cecil or Dana doing this.

Rebellion in the system is needed. It just depends if a complementary view accompanies it with the direction and understanding Steve lacks. After all there’s no point in rebellion if there’s nobody left afterward to enjoy the fruits.

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Janice and her mama tho


Janice and her mama tho

headcanon: everytime someone in nv says the weather music will start playing, but only cecil can say the weather and choose what song starts playing

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'Cecil is just trying to protect his sister and janice!!'

its night vale they have just as much of a chance of death as everyone else in town

cecil’s probs been ‘re-educated’ a million times

yeah he fought against desert bluffs but he’s basically a puppet to his own gov anyway

I genuinely do think Cecil is trying to protect his sister and Janice (plus himself). As someone who is in a high position in the town his family is probably much more closely watched compared to other families, but as someone in a position of power he probably is given more leniency.

There were also a ton of government agents at his sister’s wedding. He was frightened enough to try to get his sister to cancel the wedding.

And just because Night Vale has a high chance of death doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to protect his family from (more) harm.

But you do make a good point about his heavy re-education and how it would affect him. And we know that it’s only recently that he even admitted to disagreeing with the people in power.

Trying to protect his family isn’t incompatible with being an instrument of an oppressive government.

He was also getting the girl scouts involved in the rebellion against Desert Bluffs. Y’know with them training in the woods and learning to pilot helicopters. In fact like everyone but Cecil was involved in the actual fighting, but when it comes to night vale Cecil takes a complete 180 and does the ‘ignorance is bliss/safety’ thing.

I love Cecil, but with how I’ve always thought his attitude towards Steve was probably biased plus how we’ve learned that Steve can’t stop himself from knowing what the sky tells him (and the fact that he is like Carlos in a way, wanting to explain how things work to others but mainly to himself or else he feels like hes going to go insane), it’s amazing to me that only now are people seeing that Cecil isn’t that reliable of a narrator at all and that Steve isn’t a bad guy.

It’s like how Cecil desperately wants Carlos home allegedly because Carlos could get hurt in the desert, but Carlos has almost died and has just as great a risk of dying in night vale as anyone else. It’s probably mostly the re-education, but Cecil’s loyalty to night vale is unsettling compared to how much he fueled the desert bluff rebellion.  

I basically agree with all of this except some bits the last paragraph. I got the picture that Cecil wanted Carlos home because he missed him. Cecil’s loyalty toward Night Vale is probably a product of re-education, the social environment in Night Vale, fear, and ignorance that it could be better.

Plus the fundamental reason Cecil hasn’t gone against Night Vale like Desert Bluffs is that Desert Bluffs is an external force. It’s easier to recognize when it’s a) new and a change, and b) an us vs. them situation. If people are in the middle of something, it’s harder to change your view when your’re both acclimatized to it and perpetuating it.

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